Check out our NEW COMPLETE Heavy Duty Cuff Set!

FULL Heavy Duty Leather Bondage Cuff Set. This is the whole package!

This FULL set includes:

Elbow Cuffs
Bondage Belt
Thigh Cuffs
Ankle Cuffs
1 x 4-Piece Snap Hook X Connector
2 x 2-Piece Snap Hook Connectors

These cuffs are very robust, while also rather elegant and minimalist in appearance. The main cuff section is made from 4mm thick premium quality Black Latigo hide, the edges are softened for comfort. There is second, smaller strap which wraps around the cuff and buckles closed. This is the same high quality leather, though very slightly thinner. The inside is raw leather hide, though it has been polished smooth so the cuffs are comfortable, yet firm.

These items contain Stainless Steel D-Rings, Nickel Plated Buckles and Rivets.

All Items are also available separately of course!

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