Little bit of a status update… Get ready for new updates!

Hey Everyone!

As you all can clearly see, Mina and I have been enjoying some time off for the past 6 months from doing shoots. We had been getting a little burnt our from it all, and decided it was a good time to have a well earned break. The time off has been fairly refreshing, though we have actually spent the time working very hard to bring the order queue totally under control on our two gear stores, which are actually hugely successful, and also spent some times working on some new products which we have just added as you can see.

Restricted Senses as a whole is definitely full time work, Mina and I both spend the better part of each week working on getting orders out for the gear store, back just before we stopped and took a break in December, it was reaching a climax of stress. Orders were stacking up, we were not able to clear them for 6 whole weeks sometimes more, and then finding time to do shoots in amongst it all was getting quite stressful. To top it all off, I personally have other work too which sits on top of all of this, you can call that my day job, not something I will be leaving any time soon either. Thankfully I can already do that job from home so we find the time to make it all work!

In saying that, we feel its time to return very soon! Keep an eye out for new content, Possibly in the next couple weeks! We will not immediately promise weekly updates, but its definitely a goal, please know we will be working to produce new, fresh content, and we will be aiming to do it regularly. Restricted Senses is not going anywhere, we will be around for more years to come all things going well.

I just want to say thank you to all of you for your ongoing support through the past 5 years, all members, all customers of our stores, all of our Tumblr followers. Thanks to you all!

See you VERY soon for new content.

Matthew & Mina.


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