Orders Update – Feb 14th 2021.

Feb 14th 2021: Hello!

As you would all know know we had a medical issue with our 6 month old daughter in hospital and my wife by her side for the past two months now, we are hoping they may be able to come home this week on Wednesday at this stage as she seems to be responding to treatment and is trending in the right direction.

Here is a detailed update as to what is happening with all orders currently:

All hard leather items such as cuffs, all gags, and leather harness items will be completed this coming week for all current orders and will be either shipped or put aside while other order items are completed, Most of these are already done, I have been working on these myself over the weeks and I am nearly done here, we have produced over 100 gags in the past few weeks.

If there are enough of these hard leather items in larger orders I will be contacting you asking if you would like me to partially ship your order while we wait for soft leather items to be completed.

Soft leather, Hoods, Armbinders and Mittens are the items that will take a little longer, I have laser cut all the hoods pieces right now ready to go, there are about 130 hoods waiting to be stitched and glued, we anticipate my wife and daughter may be able to come home this Wednesday, which means these can finally start to be finished. Once she starts, all 130 hoods will be able to ship within a week or so, staggered as they are completed. Armbinders and mittens will also be amongst these.

Again I should thank you all for your incredible patience, we are nearly there it seems, if they come home on Wednesday, to me it seems reasonable that all due orders will be shipped inside the next couple weeks. Pausing our Etsy store while this all happens has actually been a good thing, when we make it through the next couple weeks and all orders are shipped we will be able to lower the manufacturing timeline to only a few weeks moving forward, or even less, our new machinery, laser cutter, gluing machine, folding machine makes it possible to actually keep stock of a number of items, its our goal to be able to instantly ship some product such as gags and our hoods. After black Friday our queue got up to 300 orders deep, which was fine and took us approx 6 weeks give or take a week or so to work through, but that’s not particularly ideal permanantly, which made this even more difficult when our daughter suddenly got sick 2 weeks later and just before Christmas.

We hope you could continue to allow us some kind leniency with late orders at the moment while we work through them all. We are shipping particularly overdue orders with express shipping (Hoods price point and above) to make up for the delay on our part.

Hopefully this gives some solid insight into where we are at right now, and that there is a clear path to having all orders fulfilled very soon.

If you have emailed us with a question, expect a personal reply shortly.

Thank you!

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