Purple Armbinder Set

This shoot is special for a couple of reasons, 1. I have a shiny amazing nice new video camera and it will be used for all shoots from now on so you should see a gradual siginificant increase in video quality – It’s a Canon C100 from Canons EOS Cinema line for any tech heads who are interested. One thing though is for the moment we are not going to be taking any still photos until I can get myself a new SLR camera, which at this stage I am thinking will be next year. Sorry for the photo lovers but we are going video only for the time being. 2. We finally got around to making the purple armbinder to go along with Mina’s hood, unfortunately we cant get anymore of this leather but the second we do its going back on the store as its damn sexy! I decided to tie Mina into a pretty demanding position after seeing how sexy it looks when she bends her arms when she is wearing an armbinder and this is the result… She was pretty well stuck and definitely not moving much especially with her cute little toes tied up like that. Enjoy!

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