Regarding Current Customer Orders Delayed Approx 1 week.

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know that we had a setback over the Christmas period, our 4 m/o baby daughter was in and out of hospital a couple of times over the last few weeks with a pretty serious skin condition out of nowhere which essentially resembles blistering burns all over her whole body, as you can imagine this requires our full and undivided attention in the short term and still does although she is home now.  The condition is not permanent disability, so treatment should bring remission of the issue,  As a result obviously all work had stopped while she was in hospital before Christmas and re-admitted last week, and we were with her essentially 24/7 during this time. She is home now and slowly improving, but does still require constant care from my wife, and this means that work has slowed to a trickle with regards to customer orders.

Since we are home now we will be resuming orders outstanding and sending them out as soon as is possible on this end. We dont anticipate a huge delay from this point on, probably up to an additional week from this point of time wherever you are in the manufacturing queue late or not. This means, if you have a currently late order, we do apologise but its likely to take up to an additional week to ship your order, if you are 4 weeks into the 6 week manufacturing time line, there may be an additional week there too, I hope this makes senses. We do always have around 200+ orders in our queue and this has been the case for the last few years now, so we do always require pretty much the entire 6 weeks to work though orders placed, thanks for being extra patient with us during this time.

On a positive note, we have taken steps over the past month or so to increase our work-flow efficiency with the goal of being able to get to the point where we actually carry in stock items. This means we have had to source new silicone ball suppliers in which we can carry thousands of balls in stock at any given time to essentially never have the issue of waiting up to 1 month each time we order a shipment of balls, in the short term it means we restricted the ball colours to Red, Black and Pink until we can slowly introduce new colours again (since we need to buy nearly 1000 of each colour). We have also just acquired a large CNC laser cutting machine which can perfectly cut all our patterns, gag straps, eyelet holes etc with incredible repeatability and precision, all this will be saving us considerable time during the manufacturing process moving forward and effectively bringing that wait time down as close to zero as possible.

Any new orders placed in the past week or two are unlikely to see any delay.

Thanks very much for your understanding and support. Please allow us the short extra time to get your orders shipped as efficiently as we can get to them.

Cheers. RS.

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