Gwen Hood Chair Tie

RS-142 Movie – Gwen Hood Chair Tie

$7.95 USD

I finally got around to making a Gwen hood… I dont know what took me so long! I think it looks unbelievably hot on Mina! So I trussed her up in a white armbinder and just did a very simple chair tie in front of a large mirror. Elegant and beautiful. I am growing more and more fond of white leather now, It’s just next level fetish hotness for me, very feminine which is a stark departure from the dark and black fetish we all see too much. You will see more of these hoods, I will be adding them to the store available for purchase in the coming week or so in Red/White/Black.

See here for some screenshots.

17:28 mins 1080pHD (MP4 – 876MB)

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