RS-143 Movie – Spreader Bar Hogtie

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Mina is looking hot in a slick black catsuit and is hogtied into a very strict predicament. Her legs are tied open to either end of a spreader bar, another spreader bar at a vertical T-intersection is tied securely to a crotch rope so it stays right between her legs. The result, a super stringent and deliciously awkward hogtie position from which there is no real comfort to be found. Her legs are forced up into the air, her elbows bound very tightly together, lifted and secured to the bar, and of course her ballgag also must be secured pulling her head backwards to top it all off. A great struggling video, she gets untied on screen so  you can see her expression afterwards.

See here for some screenshots.

16:05 mins 1080pHD (MP4 – 776MB)

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