RS-156 Movie – Mermaid Bodysuit

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Mina has made herself a new shiny bodysuit! Continuing from the previous series, we have a beautiful purple mermaid pattern bodysuit. We put it to the test with Mina starting off wearing a Purple Gwen Hood and her sexy ballet boots along with a leather belt, then she is laced into an Armbinder and belted. This is one of my favourite positions for Mina to be in, I love seeing her elbows bound so tightly in an Armbinder and put into a nice hogtie position. The way she moves around testing her bonds and arching her back is just pure sex to me. A great video for lovers of bodysuits and armbinders!

See here for some screenshots.

25:38 mins 1080pHD (MP4 – 1.21GB)

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