RS-157 Movie – Super Strict Mina

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Mina starts off wearing her beautiful black catsuit along with her shiny ballet boots, she looks beautiful and rather elegant, but thats all going to change with the intense position I have planned for her. First she is laced into her black lambskin armbinder rather tightly, which she was expecting and rather enojoys. Then things get even tighter with some belts around the elbow joints to bring them closer together, you can never tie elbows tight enough!! She is next harness gagged to silence any protest she may begin to have, then I proceed to put bind her into a punishing position, she has her legs belted at four places, her ankles and boots are then very tightly strapped tight against her thighs. Next, I bend her arms upwards into the small of her back at a really sexy angle and tightly belt her hands in place around her waist making it impossible to get any relief from the position putting her into a hot and incredibly strict pseudo-hogtie. The icing on the cake is padlocking a chain from her harness gag to her elbow belt pulling her head back into complete submission.

See here for some screenshots.

24:30 mins 1080pHD (MP4 – 1.20GB)

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