RS-189 Movie – A Little Bit Tighter

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The black catsuit is back! We got ourselves a little light scaffold setup with an electronic hoist recently and we are just beginning to test it out… Today we are just testing out the frame. What better way to test it out than to continue Mina’s hogtie training regime. She is bound tightly with blue rope and is secured to an overhead point and pulled taut. For fans of on screen tying this should be a good watch to see the whole process beginning to end. Speaking of, do you guys like seeing the whole on screen tying? Or, is it better I start the videos with Mina tightly bound and unable to escape, and then progress the bondage further from there. I feel like it would be more exciting to begin with very tight bondage… Let me know via the contact page what your thoughts are! Stay tuned for more overhead shoots! Mina has no escape now, The hogties must get tighter!

See here for some screenshots.

27:20 min 1080pHD (MP4 – 1.36GB)

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