RS-273 Movie – Reaching for the Stars

$7.95 USD

Mina needed a bit of a stretch, She lays on her back, ankles tucked in under her body tight against her thighs. Each leg is tied in two places, and secured down to a corner of the bed pulling her legs open slightly, her wrists are crossed and secured to the bed head above her stretching her out in a vulnerable position. A rope circles around her upper arms serving double purpose as a gag, cinched tightly so she is unable to spit it out. Finally a crotch rope which is actually part of the rope used to gag her runs down the rear of her back circling around her waist, through her crotch and is tied off below to the end of the bed making sure she feels every twitch and wriggle in more place than one.

See here for some screenshots.

14:13min 1080pHD (MP4 – 1.00GB)