RS-275 Movie – A Definite Arch

$7.95 USD

This was a quite fun shoot. I had chicken wings today :p I was wearing my favourite black sheer shirt, leather corset and shiny PVC panties. I was going to wear high heels but decided to go with bare feet. We started shooting me just feeling the tight corset and feeling my panties and my toes. I was gagged, and my arms were bent and tied. My head was pulled back nice and tight. Oh it felt good 🙂 And my body was pulled back and secured to the bed frame, It felt even better as it also released tension from my head. I tried hard moving / wiggling but not to fall over. Actually one of the hardest things in this shoot was to swallow :p Thanks to the sun it kept me nice and warm throughout the shoot! And thank you all for waiting for an update. Hope you enjoy xx Mina xx

See here for some screenshots.

23:48min 1080pHD (MP4 – 1.68GB)