RS-280 Movie – Locked In My New Leather Mittens!

$7.95 USD

I was wearing a pair of brand new slick black stretch PVC leggings and a mesh bodysuit. I tried putting on my new Lambskin Leather Mittens as much as I could without help, but I needed some help to get them laced up, locked and secure. They felt snug and comfy, but very secure once locked so you cant escape. Some thick leather belts were added restraining my arms and my legs, elbows bound and my arms pulled to one side of my body and secured to my waist.  I was wriggling around and was not really able to do very much with my elbows tightly bound and my hands trapped in the mittens. Eventually the key to the mittens were left right there on the bench within reach, however no matter my attempts, I was not able to unlock the locking strap on the mittens!

See here for some screenshots.

21:20min 1080pHD (MP4 – 1.5GB)