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I Locked Myself In A Cage

Mina stumbles across a cage sitting in the middle of the room with a bunch of toys inside… Of course she is far too curious for her own good and she decides it would be a great idea to lock herself inside the cage with padlocks and throw her clothes out of the bars. She then gags herself and secures the d-ring overhead with a chain, then she takes the keys and throws them out of the cage where she has no hope of reaching them. Last she takes a bullet vibrator and slips it into her panties, turns it on and then handcuffs herself behind her back through the bars locking her hands in place. She is then totally stuck and unable to free herself and all she can do is let the pleasure wash over her while drooling all over herself… But is anybody even coming to let her out? I don’t think she cares. Mina likes to live dangerously 🙂

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