We Finally Moved House!

We went from a 1 Bedroom Appt in the middle of the City to a 3 level, 3 bedroom house with pool and double garage! Bliss.

We have some very nice space now in order to do some shoots. LOTS of location possibilities, and the ability for me to actually stand back now and compose shots a little more interestingly.

Oh, and there is an under the house storage which is HUGE, little alcoves, hallways and even carpeted dungeon room! Kinksters would feel a little twitch in their pants seeing these rooms. Not sure I am going to shoot in there though as it doesn’t fit with the clean Restricted Senses sensibility but you can be damned sure I will be playing in there 🙂

Already had some fun locking Mina in the dungeon, lights off, hooded, harness gagged, cuffed and belted on all fours inside a padlocked dog cage with a fucking machine going full pelt. Left her in there for half and hour in the dark. Essentially underground in a concrete slab 🙂

Updates from now on will flow A LOT more smoothly now, we have been a bit MIA for the past couple of weeks due to the move which was a fricken nightmare, 100KM away from our old place, 18 hour job, it destroyed us both, but we are here now and everything is awesome.

Gear can be stored rather than needing to be broken down and set up each time we shoot which is a bitch when you have lights etc… We have lots of windows now with the ability to shoot a lot of natural light content which is even better as I hate lighting when the Sun does a perfectly good job as it is.

Leather store orders are almost totally up to date now, a couple late orders are being completed as we speak, if you are one of the ones waiting patiently for us to complete your order I thank you for your patience during this hectic month of ours.

See you guys in the next couple of days with a new shoot in the new house, and more to come!


Matthew & Mina.

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